Nurtured by NatureA new Era
of Well-being

Seventh Sense Botanicals is a high-quality line of specially designed body and skin care products, made with essential oils and CBD—the finest gifts nature has to offer.

CBD has been around for all of human history. As our scientific understanding of this compound grows, new uses for CBD are popping up everywhere. Because it can be absorbed through the skin, it can be found in and endless assortment of lotions, salves, oils and more.

As believers in CBD ourselves, we tried as many of these products as we could. But we didn’t find what we were looking for.

That’s why we created Seventh Sense Botanicals: World-class products made with high-quality, hemp-derived CBD. Lotions that sink in quickly and leave a soft, pleasant scent. Balms with potent amounts of CBD that penetrate deep without being sticky or stinky. Bath bombs, salts and suds that can speak for themselves without the novelty of their magic ingredient.

We’re proud to share these products with you to enhance your everyday self-care routine. Look for them in a growing number of stores nationwide.

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